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General Information

General Information

Patient Testimonials

"I received treatment for two root canals. Dr. Chybowski made the experience comfortable and painless. She explained the procedure very well. Excellent treatment by her and the staff." -Richard W. 

"Absolutely the best care ever! Everyone was wonderful!" -Patricia B.

"My 2 root canals were wonderful with Dr. Fergus. She was gentle and informed me of everything she was doing. She made my experience comfortable. I wouldn't use anyone else for a root canal moving forward." - Antoinette P. 

Saw Dr. Goddard for root canal - He has a great team - explained everything and made a nervous patient very comfortable.

Sandra H

Had to have a root canal & Dr. Bose & Lisa were excellent. The procedure went very well. Lisa was very sweet & answered all of my questions. Dr. Bose was very nice & very skilled. I received a follow-up call the next day. Kudos to the office staff as well.


"Fantastic. Everybody was extremely nice and (Dr. Chybowski) did the job well. 10/10." - Nicholas Popejoy

"I came in to see Dr. Fergus for a root canal and I was so nervous about it, but Dr. Fergus put me at ease. She was terrific. Not as much pain as I thought. If I ever need this procedure again, I will be coming back to her. Thanks to Dr. Fergus and her assistant for a job well done." - Patricia Wheatley

"Dr. Goddard and his staff were extremely helpful in explaining the procedure to me as well as being so kind with listening to all my concerns. In the past I have gone through many root canals, and Dr. Goddard handled administering the anesthetic so carefully with very little discomfort. I would recommend him and his staff highly!" -Joan F. 

Dr. Chybowski is excellent. 


"Dr. Bose and his team are very professional and comforting. I came in with anxiety and uncertainty on what was going to happen. They explained everything clearly and guided me through every step. I had a great experience and would recommend him to anyone. Root canals are no fun, but working with him is. Thank you." -Zheng Allen

"Dr. Goddard was very congenial and pleasant - made my experience very relaxing. I will recommend him to anyone who needs his expertise." -Vicki

"Lisa supporting Dr. Chybowski created an outstanding sense of caring and connectedness for me." - Margie Pecus

"I could not be happier with the care and treatment I had with Dr. Fergus and Janina! I never thought a root canal could be so easy. They took great care of me and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Thank you." -Julie K.

"Professional, competent, and compassionate from the front desk and all the way through!" -Kim S.

"Dr. Fergus and the staff here are simply fantastic! Great treatment from start to finish. From the desk to the chair, they treat you so well." - Ante U. 

"Thank you Dr. Goddard for taking the time to explain everything. It helped calm my nerves." -Shonte K. 

"Excellent pain control. Great communication. Realistic Doctor. 10 out of 10." - Karol R.

Dr. Goddard and his assistant performed my root canal this morning. They were very caring and professional. It was totally pain free. I am very pleased with the whole experience.

Tom Schultz

"I suffer from panic attacks and was absolutely terrified to have a root canal. Dr. Fergus genuinely listened to my concerns and made me feel as comfortable as possible. Once completed, I have a restored faith in dental procedures." - Tracy J.

"Worked very efficiently and made sure I was comfortable. Explained the procedure and helped me feel relaxed. Thank you Dr. Bose and Daelyn." -Donna L. 

"Dr. Bose is awesome. He took his time explaining the root canal as we went. He was kind and caring making sure I wasn't in pain. Lisa is so sweet, she was detailed explaining what to expect. Dr. Bose and Lisa are wonderful. Thank you."  - Chelsie B. 

"Shakeria, Laurie, Heather, and Dr. Goddard (and the entire team) constantly display true heart emanating care, professionalism and excellence. We are blessed to be new patients here and highly commend your office." -Dennis and Judy O'Boyle

"All went well. Dr. Schmoldt and his team are great!" Richard R.

"Dr. Goddard and Heather are AMAZING! I have a true fear of all things dentistry, and they put me at ease and didn't make me feel bad about it. Thank you!" - April Knox

"Simply awesome, kind, professional, gentle." - Jennifer A. 

"First time in this office, everyone was very nice and welcoming! Was here for a root canal, Dr. Goddard took a very not so fun experience and made it a not so bad after all experience. My thanks to everyone in the office!"

-Kate B.

"The excellent service and kind personal touches made my visit painless and comfortable. Loved the blanket, quiet music, water bottle, and gentle care!" -Ginger Rodeman

"I came in with a lot of pain. Dr. Fergus was calming, reassuring, and professional. I was comforted in knowing I was in good hands, and I left the appointment pain free!"

-Anna G.

"Thanks to the entire staff for your caring and expertise! Even though I am a hygienist, I am a nervous patient, and this experience was very positive due to all of you!" - Gloria J. 

"Very hospitable, friendly, professional, and loving people. Dr. Bose was and is the best in his industry. His staff Lisa, Shakeria, and Laurie are beautiful and helpful." -Daniel B. Cotton

"One of THE BEST experiences I have EVER had with a root canal. Such knowledgeable and caring people. Hope I don't need another root canal but if I do, I will be back to Dr. Fergus!"

-Patricia Roberg

"I had a root canal approximately 20 years ago. I found several weeks ago I had to have a retreatment. There was no guarantee the tooth would remain intact. Dr. Bose did an excellent job. Highly recommend him." Bill B. 

"Dr. Goddard is extremely efficient, kind, and gentle! This is my third procedure and I have been very pleased with the results!" Mary A.

"As painless and easy as any root canal can be! Almost (but not quite) a day at the spa. 

-Jennifer E. 

"Dr. Bose and Lisa were Just awesome. Felt very comfortable during the procedure. Would recommend highly!"

"Dr. Fergus and her assistant Janina were so good to me. They were patient and gentle. They made me feel so comfortable and explained themselves every step of the way- THANK YOU!!!" Carrie D. 

"I came to the office on an emergency basis and I had the best visit ever. I was nervous and emotional, but Lisa talked to me, stayed by my side and made me so comfortable. Dr. Bose was great. Very professional. I would be back and recommend this place to everyone."

-Angela F. 

"Dr Goddard and Mae make a wonderful team! Fluidly going through the procedure like a dance, they continued to reassure, comfort and laugh just a little; they made a root canal a pleasure! Mae has the sweetest touch, placed her hand on your shoulder while you are recieving shots of novacaine. Just a delightful young lady and a skilled funny Doc!" Jenni M

"I greatly appreciate the professionalism of Dr. Bose. The staff is outstanding. If I ever need another root canal (parish the thought) I will have it done here" James G.

"I am very happy with the service I had with Dr. Bose. He was able to make a usually uncomfortable process virtually pain-free. His professioanl manner was reassuring. I actually look forward to my next appointment" Jason H.

"Had wonderful service, everyone was nice, friendly and professional. My dentist root canal specialist did awesome." Macshauya W.

"Just got back from a root canal by Dr. Anne Fergus and assisting team. They were an amazing team. I was treated with so much respect and compassion from the minute I walked through the door. Root canal was totally pain free. I would recommend this group to any one needing their services."  Cindy D

"Dr. Fergus and her staff were extremely comforting and informational on the procedure. Anxiety was running high with me and Dr. Fergus was extremely understanding and warm. I highly recommend Dr. Fergus!" Linda E.

"I used nitrous oxide for the first time and would highly recommend it for patients who are "dental phobic." It is the best way to reduce your own anxiety. No side effects at all." Michelle Z.

"I was extremely pleased with the entire experience I had with the Wisconsin Endodontic Group. Dr. Raison Bose and Daelyn, clinical assistant. I was in a lot of pain upon arrival. They were kind, compassionate and professional. I was able to get in on an emergency call and was very grateful. I came back to have my work completed and all is good. It is healing and I am pain free and happy. Thank you to everyone. I appreciate your care." Kathleen J.

"Dr. Goddard and his staff are the consummate professionals. They listened to my concerns, addressed every one of them, and acted quickly to correct my problem. The care I received was exceptional, and the results were more than amazing. What a gift it was to be pain-free after a very difficult few days with an abscess. I would refer Dr. Goddard to anyone in need of this sort of service."   Carol R.

"Thank you for the great care and comfort provided during my recent surgery. No one wants to be a patient in your chair, but the kindness, and gentle comfort provided by Heather, Janina and Dr. Fergus we exceptional and very much appreciated from this very nervous and anxious patient." Connie B.

" Very well done; there was no discomfort. Thank you for all of help. The N20 worked well for root canal, and relaxed me during procedure." John  P.

Wow! The staff help me to relax and made having a root canal not so bad. I felt no pain and was treated with respect. Lisa was amazing and guided me through the process. I am in NO pain and am able to go back to work! Thank you to all at WEG! I would highly recommend Dr. Bose

"Very nice Dr. (Goddard) I heard many horror stories about root canals.  This was less painful than going to my regular dentist.  I won't be afraid again should I ever need to have this done in the future.  He also has a great staff!"  Soon to be pain free!

"I just wanted send my thanks to The Wisconsin Endodontic Group for a very pleasant and trouble-free experience. While I hope I do not need another root canal in the future, my experience at your office was so painless and professional that I would not hesitate to recommend you to my closest family and friends.  You told me that it was like having a filling but takes longer to perform.  I can truly say that the procedure and its aftermath were surprisingly pain free.  I am almost certain that I have had fillings that caused more pain than my root canal.  Thank you for doing such an excellent job, Dr. Fergus and assistant.  Your reassuring manner and great skill are greatly appreciated and rank you at the top of your profession.  From the minute you began the process and all throughout I knew that I was in the hands of a team that would get the job done effectively and completely.  It is day two and I have virtually no pain.  It will likely only get better from her on out.  Thanks again for your care."  David W.

"My tooth had been hurting for a while. I didn't want to rush having it looked at as I was in hopes that it would fix itself. Nope, didn't happen. My dentist referred me to WI. Endodontic Group. I'd rather attend an 8 hour insurance seminar than have a root canal. My drive to the dental office was not done intrepidly. "Darn, they're open". At the reception area I was greeted by a cheerful Erin. Efficient, friendly, good sense of humor. "Hey, so far so good"! Erin said I'd have to have my picture taken. "Stand in front of the blue mat". I couldn't find a mat. Jokes on me, the 'mat' is on the wall. Then a cheerful Lisa came out and called me in the room. Talk about a wonderful personality. "This is going pretty good". She explained EVERY THING in detail. This was great but not really caring about looking at my tooth in an X-Ray I just wanted it over with. Just the same Lisa got every thing done and in came Dr. Bose. Soft spoken, reassuring man. As soon as he started working on my tooth I could tell he was picky and anal. I like that in a guy. Took his time and I'm sure that he did a great job. Before you know it, done. No pain at all, except for Lisa pinching my arm with her chair, no muss, no fuss. That's it. Lisa just had to show me the X-Ray of the completed tooth. "Ok, looks good to me, thanks, can I go now"? Yup, that was it. I also met a few other ladies who were just as kind and cheerful as Lisa and Erin. Very rare to have a complete staff of such great people. YOU make the experience more bearable than it could have been. Should my wife or any one in my family, friends, neighbors, etc. need a root canal I will advise them that this is the only place to. Thank you Dr. Bose, Lisa, Erin and every one. Oh, speaking of anal ~ Lisa: The desk in the reception area is facing the wrong way."  Don Schmidt

"Dr. Goddard was amazing. I was very nervous and he made me feel completely at ease. They even asked me what type of music I preferred. I felt no pain and everything took only about an hour. I would recommend him to anyone seeking root canal therapy." Morgan H.

Thanks to Dr. Fergus for taking such good care of my daughter Jordan. Being only 14 yrs old you can imagine how scared she was to have a root canal. From the moment we walked into the office she was treated very well. Dr. Fergus and her staff made her feel very comfortable and at ease. Thank you all for making it an easy experience for her. From a very grateful mom. :) Dedee M.

"When told I required a root canal, I knew to return to Dr. Bose. My previous root canal procedure with him was remarkably easy, with absolutely no discomfort! He is sure to keep his patients informed and educated throughout the procedure and has a great "chair side" manner." Cheryl P.

"Dr. Goddard and Katherine were AWESOME.  Incredibly skilled, put me at ease, extremely professional.  Thank you.  Wait - I'm thanking someone for a ROOT CANAL?!  :)  Yes.  Thank you."    [no N2O (Laughing gas) given before this testimonial, FYI] Katherine L.

"The most meticulous dental teamwork I have ever experienced in 70 years.  I appreciated decriptive as to what I was to exxpect - helps eliminate any apprehension.  I thank Dr. Fergus and Heather for skill."  Dale A.

"Dr. Fergus is a highly skilled Dentist. Pays attention to her patients need. She puts her patients at ease and has a sense of humor. Has a good bed side manner. I would recommend anyone to her. She also is intuitive to her patients." Geraldine W.

"Dr. Bose had a pleasant and relaxing chair side manner. I experienced minimal discomfort during the procedure. I would highly recommend this practice." Jim. M

"I am petrified of dental work. When I arrived at Wisconsin Endodontic Group, everyone was so nice. Lisa calmed me down and explained everything in detail. Dr. Raison Bose was so nice and gentle. They made a root canal enjoyable and no pain!" Kerri M.

"My daughter, Abigail, saw Dr. Goddard for an abscess on one of her teeth. Dr. Goddard and his staff were kind and compassionate. They made Abby feel completely at ease and, as a result, both appointments went smoothly. Their patience ensured that Abby’s experience was a good one." Abigail G.


"Very competent and kept me at ease. Not only was Dr. Goddard very professional, him and Alyssa are very personable. I would definitely come back for any dental issues and refer family and friends." Genny B.

"A professional team (Dr. Bose & assistants) who did and outstanding job!" Michael K.

"Dr. Bose and Lisa made this as pleasant of an experience as it could possibly be." Thomas G.

"I had a great time, LOL. All is good! Thank you" Michael H.

"Dr. Goddard is a wonderful Doctor. He makes me feel comfortable even though I have anxiety. Alyssa his assitant is very gentle and explains what she is doing to also make me comfortable." Sarah K.

"Dr. Goddard D.D.S was awesome. I also was very impressed with his assistant Katherine, very professional. Katherine deserves a raise. Thank you staff also." Steven M.

"Impressive exchange of equipment between Dr & assistant. Very professional." Richard S.

"I had a root canal painfree. Thank you so much. Everyone should use sedation dentistry. My expirence was wonderful. If I should need to return I will be much less fearful. Thank you Dr. Goddardfor being so nice to me." Laura P.

"Going into my first ever root canal procedure, I was feeling very overwhelmingly nervous and anxious. After a few minutes in the dental chair, I became more comfortable and the accomodations available for additional comfort were very helpful to ease any and all nerves." Michael T.

"Thank you for your excellent service from start to finish. Your receptionists are some of the best. My root canal was pain-free and Dr. Bose's assistant was kind and professional." Christine W.

"Doctor and nurses were great. Worried about working on teeth. Made me feel so comfortable and had no pain. Amazing staff" Chris T.

"Excellent treatment- everything was explained- very happy with my experience. Would recommend to my family and friends." Claudia M.

"Dr. Fergus, thank you so much for taking such good care of me last Wednesday.  Now I know why so many of my doctor's patients make it a point to tell us of their experiences with you and your entire staff.  Your skill and chairside manner are just wonderful!  Thanks again!"   Merry Z.

"Dr. Goddard and staff were very understanding of my concerns and made every effort to ensure my comfort and complete the procedure with very little pain!"   Rachel S.

"I would highly recommend Anne Fergus, D.D.S. to everyone.  My experience was a very pleasant one.  Her assistant, Janina, is absolutely wonderful."  B.J.I.

"Friendly and professional!"  Brian W.

"He (Dr. Goddard) did an amazing job.  I was very impressed.  He cared about my pain level and made it so the whole root canal was pain free.  If I ever need another root canal, I would see him again." Patricia B.

" Very pleasant staff and Dr. Fergus explained everything thoroughly, put me at ease and liked having her as my doctor very much!"  Danae D.

"Dr. Goddard is amazing!  He truly cares about his patients and made me feel at ease for my procedure.  He explained everything that was going to take place and was very gentle, kind and caring.  Thank you for everything!  No more pain :)"  Chaparis B.

"This is my 2nd root canal with Dr. Fergus.  She does a great job of making this procedure as painless and comfortable as possible.  While I hope I don't have to have another, if I do I would come back to Dr. Fergus again."  Kathie L.

"Since I am pathologically fearful of all things dental and medical, the words "you need a root canal" were like ice picks in my brain.  Dr. Goddard was kind, reassuring and incredibly competent.  I walked away feeling I could easily handle it again if need be."  Susan H.

"Fabulous experience - there was no discomfort.  I highly recommend Dr. Bose."  Cheryl P.

"Thank you Lisa and Dr. Bose for making today's consultation comfortable for me.  I am leaving here today feeling fully knowledgeable of my next steps in treatment and am confident that I will be in good hands." Courtney L. 

"Dr. Bose is wonderful!  He wasn't able to perform a root canal on me initially, determining that my blood pressure was too high.  Thanks to him, I am now on blood pressure medicine.  I am very grateful!!  On Wed, 1/11/12 he did the root canal, and it was practically painless.  He is the best...(as well as being very nice!)  Nurse Lisa was excellent, kind and caring - Erin at reception desk helpful and personable.  What a great staff.  Thank you very much.  We will definitely sing your praises to others."  Willard F. (Bill)

Dr. Fergus  "My experience was absolutely marvelous.  The staff was gracious and caring and I highly recommend Wisconsin Endodontic Group.  Thanks and God Bless you all!"  

Dr. Bose  "The root canal went quick, painless and without discomfort.  I especially liked having the diaphragm to keep my throat clean and clear from tooth fragments and water.  I highly recommend this doctor and facility." Eckhard H.

Dr. Fergus  "I came in scared - never had a root canal - but it went very smoothly and No PAIN!  Thank you!"  Susan

"I was in a lot of pain and when I called, I was able to be seen right away.  I got a root canal the same day.  Everyone that I dealt with was extremely pleasant and I was very satisfied with the outcome."  Patty K.

"Excellent doctor.  Very concerned for patients' comfort.  Smooth, fast procedure.  Would definitely recommend Dr. Bose."  Bob M.

"As annoying as a root canal can be my experience with Dr. Fergus was wonderful.  Totally pain free and relaxing.  If I ever need more endodontic work I'll be back.  I'll also refer her in the future.  Thanks."  Nancy B.

"Explained everything well, concerned, good patient relationship.  Follow-up great!"  Janet M.

"Dr. Bose was very straight forward.  Excellent workmanship and quick.  Great communication as to where we stood.  Thank you."  Pete O.

"Laurie is the reason I am here.  I looked on line. Prequalified by phone up to 10 endodontists out of 20.  She asked me all the right questions.  I knew this was the right office.  You are lucky to have someone of her expertise and caring on the phone.  Today, Lisa gave me directions and was so nice as I entered the room.  The computer person was very helpful and efficient.  Dr. Goddard has lots of wisdom and caring. I am thankful to have found an office of such quality."  Diana S.

"Dr. Fergus is great to work with.  She made the root canal procedure very easy to go through.  I was treated extremely well by everyone in the office." Patty B.

"Was very happy with the root canal that Dr. Bose did for me.  Was painless." Jackie P

"Dr. Fergus is an excellent dentist.  In spite of my fears of dental work - she was gentle, professional and very thorough!  Thank you!"  Jan

"Thank you Dr. Bose, my 16 yr old daughter is finally pain free! She had a root canal done Friday afternoon and early Friday evening she was hanging out with friends enjoying life again! She said it was a painless procedure too."  Nancy

"Thank you to Dr. Bose for a good service and also to Lisa for her nice help."  Werner S.

"Cindy is absolutely superb - she put me at ease - the right amount of friendliness, not overly "gushy" friendly.  She made the procedure so much more "do-able".  Dr. Goddard is great, fast, friendly, right amount of talking.  All in all it was much easier than anticipated."  Mary Ann

"No problems coming back if I had to, great job Lisa and Dr. Bose!"  Francisco F.

Dr. Goddard "Excellent chairside manner.  All qustions were answered and explained in detail.  Calmed me down and continually asked how I felt throughout procedure.  I would visit this office again.  Thank you!"  Marianne G.

Dr. Bose and Lisa  "Procedure went very well, better than I expected remembering how the last procedure went 15-20 years ago."  Rod

"Everyone was very professional and kind.  Explanations were clear and my questions were answered before anything was done."  Sandy H.

"Dr. Goddard and Cindy were both wonderful and very solicitous of my comfort.  Just wanted to let you know how good they are.  P.S.  Laurie was a joy and helped so much."  Karen D.

"Felt very at ease - Janina very lovely as well.  Very efficient - great team, would highly recommend"  Mary T.

"Very professional, friendly, courteous.  No pain and well done, much appreciated."  Victor P.

"Excellent care.  Having not one but two root canals done at the same time was a bit nerve-wracking.  Dr. Fergus put an end to my fear and was an excellent, painless provider.  Thank you!"  Donna R.

"Very happy...staff was concerned about my comfort levels.  Everything was explained extremely well.  All of my concerns were covered and handled very professionally.  All staff very helpful."  Sarah H.

"Everyone is very nice and considerate.   People smile and try their hardest to make you comfortable!  Great service!"  Mark G.

"As I walk to this clinic for a root canal I was very afraid, but from the start as I walked in they made me feel comfortable.  The receptionist was very helpful and friendly.  Dr. Fergus was great!!  I felt no pain and her assistant took the time and patience to explain everything with details.  I thought that a root canal was the worse, but now I see it as another interesting step in our lives that we go through.  Thank you for such a great team in your office.  You all made my day.  Dr. Fergus keep up the good work."  Yazmin R.

"Thank you for taking such good care.  I am very pleased with everything.  Thank you both again." 

Sincerely,  Elaine R.

"Dr. Goddard was wonderful.  He explained everything he was doing and he and Cindy were very attentive to me during the procedure!  Thanks so much for making a not so fun procedure a little easier!"  Kathleen M.

"I am very thankful for Dr. Goddard's care."  Carl H.

"It was not as bad as I thought." Thomas F.

"Wonderful Root Canal Experience.  No pain!  Cindy explained everything - Dr. Goddard was professional and helpful.  Thank you!"  Colleen T.

"The Doctor (Goddard) and assistant were very nice and helpful.  They explained everything.  I am glad they were able to take care of the problem today. Thanks."  Kathleen Z.

"Very good work, very quick (great service)  No pain at all!"  Greg H.

"It was a great experience - very professional"  Brian M.

"I was treated very well by all at the office.  It was pretty painless!"  Margaret W.

"The anticipation was worse than the procedure."  Lenette R.

"Everything went very well.  Appreciate "options" given by Dr. Goddard e.g. root canal v. tooth extraction and knowing percentage odds of success"  Alan K

"Dr. Fergus was wonderful explaining everything AND it didn't hurt!!  Linda also was fabulous, very patient, and did a great job also explaining the procedure as I have never had a root canal.  I guess there was no reason to stress out about this.  Thank you all."  Donna B.

"Linda and Dr. Fergus were very thoughtful and considerate.  They made me feel very comfortable.  Will recommend."  Lauren M.

"I am very pleased with the procedure that I had done.  I experienced very little pain, none during surgery and a limited amount later.  I did not need to have my prescription filled for pain pills.  Dr. Goddard and his assistant Cindy are very pleasant, caring and I would highly recommend Dr. Goddard for any difficult dental problems."  Lois S.

"Dr. Fergus and Linda went out of their way to make me feel comfortable before, during and after my procedure.  This was especially helpful because of the high level of anziety I expressed that I was feeling on my initial evaluation.  In addition, the staff at the front desk were very polite and helpful with my registration, check-in and check-out procedures.  Overall, I was impressed with the level of sensitivity shown in effort to meet my needs."  Susan S.

"You did an excellent job of determining the correct tooth.  No pain was left at all.  Your great sense of humor was also much appreciated."  Susie A.

"Great service - friendly"  Sandra R.

"The staff and doctor were extremely caring.  The procedure was painless."  Marge

"The procedure went very well.  Both of you were so kind and caring.  Thank you very much for the great care!"  Dr. Goddard's patient, Donna K.

"Dr. Fergus (and Linda) were wonderful.  They made the situation better and I felt completely at ease during another otherwise uncomfortable procedure.  I appreciate their personality and consideration."  John S.

"Short and sweet: overall service and care was the best."  Ed J.

"My procedure was pain free.  Dr. Goddard and his assistant were so pleasant and patient with me.  I would recommend Dr. Goddard to anyone that needs a root canal."  Latrina E.

"Dr. Fergus and staff did a wonderful job on explaining and making sure my root canal was painless and worry free.  Thank you."  Nick N.

"Very professional in all ways.  Thank you." Michael W.

"Very friendly and put me at ease, also no pain." Terri A.

"This was much easier and transparent than previous experiences I have had at dental office.  It was very well explained to me about procedure and very clear about what to expect.  Thank you."  Sunja S.

"Dr. Goddard and his assistant took the time necessary to ensure I knew all the steps of the procedure and maintain pain control.  They are gentle and effective and made a root canal procedure as easy as I could have imagined."  Tracy O.

"Provided prompt emergency response.  Let me know the problem and possible solutions.  Very courteous and concerned."  George G.

"Attention to my needs were excellent.  Communication was good.  Let's hope it works."  Gary L.

"As great of an experience that you can have for a root canal!  Love their sense of humor - helps put you at ease.  Highly recommended for your next pain in the mouth!"  Ruth L.

"Wonderful service and rapport!"  Evelyn Jean I.

"First root canal - was very pleased with Dr. Fergus and her technique."  Bruce M.

"Had a great time." Eric W.

"Dr. Goddard and his assistant were awesome!  No pain!! If I had to have another one done, it would be here, also same doctor."  Linda L. H.

"Professional. Nice job."  Bruce S.

"It was easy and painless (except for shot!).  Very friendly staff."  Ann L.

"Clear, kind, thanks."  Jan C.

"I was very pleased with my experience with all the staff.  Dr. Fergus was excellent and patient with me and my difficult tooth."  Carol M.

"very good work, thank you"  Dan K.

"Root canal was easy.  Excellent care!"  Don N.

"Great service - no pain and was kept informed all along the way - recommend them for any dental work."  Jim R.

"Procedure went well - I was very comfortable - both Dr. Goddard and Cindy were very professional."  Barb M.

"Thank you for a great experience!  All the best to you and your team."  Andrew

"Dr. Fergus did a superb job of restoring my #15 molar.  I definitely recommend their excellent work.  Everyone was great."  R Panagis

"My experience was very favorable. Dr. Knoff and his assistant kept well informed at all times.  At all times the atmosphere was professional and caring.  I would highly recommend dental procedures by Wisconsin Endodontic Group.  In addition, the office staff was friendly and helpful.  Thank you!"  Maureen H.

"Excellent - great skills, explained procedures, very personable, takes a real interest in the patient as an individual - would recommend Dr. Knoff to everyone.  Thank you!"  Penny V.

"Dr. Knoff did my root canal.  In someone else's hands, it might have been a more daunting experience, but his great sense of humor actually made it enjoyable!  He does excellent work and I would recommend him quite highly!  Thank you!  He's here all week and try the veal!"   Sue C.

"My experience could not have been better.  Pain free!  Lot of laughter.  I'll refer everyone to Dr. Knoff.  Thank you for a great root canal experience."  Susan K.

"My root canal went better than I expected.  It was quick and painless.  The office staff and Dr Knoff were wonderful.  Overall it was a great experience and was enjoyable for me to come into your office and be treated so nicely on my first experience.  Thanks very much!!"  Josh M.

"My experience with Dr. Knoff was wonderful!  He was gentle and kind.  Just make sure your bib is straight <laughs>.  Thank you!"  Fouziya

"Dr. Knoff needs to have more fun!  Just kidding, you make it relaxing and comfortable."  Annette O.

"Great root canal experience with Dr. Knoff.  I would recommend him to anyone!  Thanks Dr. Knoff & Debbie."  Lorraine D.

"Dr. Knoff did an excellent job on my root canal therapy.  The assistant, Lisa, was very good and friendly also.  Even though I hate getting work done on my teeth Dr. Knoff and Lisa made my experience at Wisconsin Endodontic Group enjoyable.  Dr. Knoff was also very good about explaining what he was doing while he was doing it.  The best part was that my root canal was pain free!"  Kimberly K.

"Everyone was very helpful and pleasant.  All of my questions were answered.  Dr. Knoff was very gentle, concerned about my comfort.  Even though it was a root canal, it was a pleasant experience."  Sandy K.

"Dr. Knoff was very kind and caring.  He informed me of what was going on every step of the way so I know.  Thank you also for gettting me in so quickly.  Debbie was also very nice.  Both Doctor and assistant were very professional."  Jennine S.

"My first experience with Dr. Knoff and dental assistant Lisa was nothing short of fabulous.  My root canal was completely pain free right down to the anesthetic.  Will be back to Dr. Knoff for every future dental procedure that would require his expertise.  Very professional and exceptionally nice.  I cannot believe that a root canal could be so pleasant.  Thank you Dr. Knoff and dental asst. Lisa!"  Karen D.

"Dr. Knoff and Lisa snuck me in for an emergency root canal and I am so grateful.  They were both friendly and personable.  I will definitely refer people there if they are looking for a place to have a root canal done."  Karyn

"Dr Knoff was painless!!  Had best experience ever at a dentist appointment.  Lisa was very nice and informed me of the procedures.  Thank you again."  Crystal

I had two root cannals done here with Dr. Bose. Dr. Bose and his assistant were very professional and comforting as I was quite anxious. The procedure was relatively painless and overall the experience was good. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing these types of services. K.G.

"Very personable, very professional and consideration."  Anna

"I had a very pleasant experience, I would recommend this office to everyone.  The front desk to the chair and out was completely painless.  God bless this office."  Darrell E. M.

"It wasn't bad at all, I got through it.  the best part was how wonderful the doctors were!"  Cynthia

"Doctor Goddard performed my root canal with perfection.  By this I mean with speed and zero pain.  I can't think of this being done any better."  Doug D.

"This office is awesome, Dr. Goddard is the bomb.   Will be sending patients."  Brandie L.

"Very professional and caring - great staff and very pleased with results.  Will recommend to others."  Mark H.

"Thank you for the kind gentle treatment.  After a bad dental experience, your staff helped reassure me and I had a very pleasant experience.  Amazing!"  Beth H.

"I really really loved my root canal performed by Dr. Anne Fergus and her trusty right hand assistant Heather."  Patrick K.

"I was very fortunate to have Dr. Bose recommended to me.  Not only does he do wonderful work, but he was also very patient and understanding when I had special needs.  He contacted me personally to discuss them.  He's a great doctor!"  Janice F.

"My root canal treatment was performed very well or good by the team of Dr. Bose."   Michael J.

"Very good - I had no pain with root canal."  Caroline K.

"Dr. Bose, thanks for being a perfectionist!"  Bill G.

"Dr. Fergus was very pleasant and attentive to my comfort needs.  She explained everything and assured me during the entire process of my root canal.  Thank you Dr. Fergus for making this a positive experience."  Tiffany F.

"Dr. Bose and Lisa DA were excellent!  Very professional and performed the root canal flawlessly.  I experienced no pain.  It was quite evident they have done many root canals together - I am so happy to find an Endodontist so accomplished as well as a dental assistant who is also excellent.  Thank you!!"  Donna

"After having had a sore tooth area for months Dr. Bose was able to diagnose and treat effectively with as close to being pain free as possible!  Clear and thorough directions and follow up from Dr. Bose and his caring staff and clinic.  Thank you!"  Marlis M.

"Very well satisfied.  Very professional.  I was impressed by the modern equipment."  Anne Marie P.

"I was very well taken care of and actually relaxed a little bit.  Very caring and reassuring attention!"  Laurie W.

"Everything went great.  Didn't have any problems during or after."  Martin S.

"Dr. Fergus is a tremendous endodontist and very personable.  I would recommend her to anyone."  Kevin M.

"Very efficient, very professional."  S. Port

"Dr. Bose and staff, I am writing you to say thank you for your great care during my last root canal.  Everyone was so friendly and willing to explain the procedure to me.  Root canals aren't pleasant for anyone but you all made this as great of an appointment as possible.  Thanks again."  Lindsay B.

"The WEG is not only highly professional and competent, the staff is emotionally supportive, too. The root canal treatment uses state of the art equipment, no finer dental care could be found anywhere. And I have been a patient of Drs. Fergus, Goddard and Bose." Barbara N

"I am very impressed with Dr. Fergus in my treatment process. I really appreciate her professional skill and nice attitude to the patients. She and her assistant make me very comfortable and relaxed. She thinks of what patients need. Thanks!! :)"  Hong H.

"Dr. Bose was great and I especially loved his assistant Lisa, very sweet and caring." Jill F

"Wonderful efficient pleasant painless experience-wow office- staff and expertise made having a root canal fun." Maureen K.

"I was very frightened and had anxiety about dental work, but Lisa and Dr. Bose made me feel very safe and comfortable. Lisa explained all about the procedure ahead of time and that put my mind at ease." Lezlee F.

"Just had a root canal by Dr. Anne Fergus and I still cannot believe how smoothly and pain free the whole procedure was!! They have a wonderful team and made me feel so comfortable... I would have never imagined laughing during a root canal!! So appreciated the great care...thank you!!!!" Diane I.

"Great experience, very professional" Salvatore P.

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